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How do I fund a client or case trust?
How do I fund a client or case trust?

I received the retainer from the client. How do I apply it to their case?

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There are several ways to apply client funds to a trust, but the idea is the same: we create a new Payment Transaction and apply it to the case. Depending on where you add the transaction, much of the work is done for you.

Adding a Transaction to a Case

The easiest way to record the payment is by opening the associated Case and adding the Transaction there. Look for the gold and silver box titled Transactions, and click on Payment.

New Payment

This will open a screen asking what kind of payment you would like to apply. Choose Fund a Trust.

This opens the new Transaction window, with some values pre-filled for you.

New Transaction

First select the Payer, which is generally the client, but could also be the benefactor. If a benefactor has been set in the Case, we show them first in the dropdown, followed by the client, then all other contacts alphabetically.

Select Payer

Enter the amount, then choose where the funds will be applied. There will be one entry per client (Client Trusts), and one for the case (Case Trust).

To Account

Now choose the payment method, along with any reference number that is associated with it (e.g. a check number or credit card verification number).

Payment Method

Optionally, you can add information on when the funds will process, when they will be available (and later, if the check was refused or voided).

Finally, you can add notes that will show up on the invoice for this transaction.

Other Methods

There are several places in the program where payments can be applied:

  • While invoicing
    This is more often the case when processing payments from evergreen retainers, but it is possible to fund a trust in an invoice as well.

  • From the main Transactions window in the Financials page
    You can add any type of transaction to any case from the Financials page.

In all cases, just locate the gold and silver Transactions box and click on Payment, and follow the instructions above. You may have to enter the client and case information, but after that it is identical.

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