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How Do I Install the Mobile App?
How Do I Install the Mobile App?
I don't see the Outlaw app in the App Store/Play Store!
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Outlaw Practice uses a technique called Progressive Web Applications (PWA) in order to provide a mobile application that closely matches the look and feel of the web application on any platform (Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android). Progressive Web Applications were invented by Google as a way to lower development costs by writing an application once and delivering it everywhere without having to develop custom applications for every platform.

PWA's work just like regular apps on your mobile device: they are always available and load instantly. They cache data so that you can still work even without an active internet connection. Any work you do will be synchronized with the back-end servers once you connect to a network.

Installing the mobile app (PWA) is easy:

  1. Open your favorite web browser on your mobile device (phone or tablet). We can not recommend Chrome highly enough. Safari and Firefox are unoptimized and leads to frustrating user experiences when dealing with high data loads. This is true for the desktop version as well, although Chrome variants like Microsoft Edge and Opera work just fine.

  2. In the browser, enter in the address bar. This will load the application as usual.

  3. Each browser provides a way to install the Progressive Web App on your phone/tablet. We will cover Chrome and Safari below. This will install the PWA on your phone.

Installing on Chrome/iOS

There will be a button on the right-hand side of the address bar that looks like the "Share" button. Click on this button to install the app on your mobile device.

Installing on Safari/iOS

Click on the share buttons if you were sharing this web site. This will bring up the share menu. Select "Add to Home Screen".

Installing on Chrome/Android

Start by opening the Chrome browser and navigating to Log in to your account, and after a brief delay you will see a popup at the bottom of the phone asking if you would like to add Outlaw Practice to your Home screen. Click on this link and it will put the Outlaw Practice app (PWA) on your home screen.

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