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What are Task Tempates?
What are Task Tempates?
How do I create a reusable task?
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Most tasks are repeatable: status meeting, call with a client, prepare a trial binder. Wouldn't it be great if you could capture the essence of the task, and create a template that is easily re-used?

That is what a task template is. Only the most critical bits of the task are used:

  • A title

  • The estimated time

  • Who it is assigned to (a person or a group)

  • Categories

  • The impact and urgency

  • An activity type

  • Basic billable information, like a billing description, No Charge, Exclude from Invoice or an overridden cost

Task templates live on the Task Grid page, right below the Task Options in the Filters panel (make sure Filters are shown!).

You can create a template from scratch, or you can take an existing task and turn it into a template.

Once the template exists, you just click on the add button to create a new one!

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