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How do I find a specific task using filters?
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In the task view, you can apply filter to find exactly what you are looking for.

There are 5 ways to filter tasks:

  • Use the global search field

  • Filter by date range

  • Filter by category

  • Filter by user

  • Filter by task status

These filters are self-explanatory, but it helps to use a few examples to see how to best use them.

Example 1 - Finding Billable Tasks for a Client

Let's say that you are looking for billable tasks for Jane Smith. You would simply use the global search field and enter the client name, Jane Smith:

Global Search Field - Match All Terms

This will filter out any task that has Jane Smith as a participant, relates to Jane Smith's cases/leads, or is associated with Jane Smith's contact card. It will also search for tasks where Jane Smith is mentioned in notes or private discussion.

To get the billable tasks, we just need to select any Billable categories (this includes the default Billable category, plus any categories you set up that relate to the Billable super-category.

Select Billable Filter

Example 2 - Completed Tasks this Week for a Specific User

There are three filters that we can apply to get this result. First we apply the date range filter by selecting Week:

Filter on tasks due this week

Next we need to select the user. In this case, let's select John:

Filter tasks assigned to John

Finally, we need to specify that we are looking for completed tasks, and not tasks yet to be completed:

Show completed tasks for one week

We set the Lookback to one Week as well. If it is set to Day, then we will not see all of the required results.

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