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Performance Tips
Yikes, why is the application running so slow?
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Clicking around the program should be fast, but if it isn't here are some tips to get it up to speed:

  1. If you are using Safari on a Mac, make sure you are not using the new "Limit IP Address Tracking" feature, it will slow your browser down to an absolute crawl! Go to Apple/System Preferences/Network, then choose the network you are on (it will have the green "Connected" icon). Then uncheck the "Limit IP Address Tracking" feature. While nice from a privacy point of view, it absolutely cripples some web sites, this one included. Feel free to call Apple and tell them to do performance testing before releasing a new feature!

  2. If you have been using the application for an extended period of time, the browser can sometimes get bogged down. Just reload the page (making sure you save anything you are working on first) and you will be good to go.

  3. While Outlaw Practice runs on any browser, browsers are not all made equal. Chrome is simply the fastest browser out there. This includes its derivatives, like Microsoft Edge, Opera and Brave. If you are using Firefox (bless your heart), it will be about twice as slow as Chrome. If you are using Safari on a Mac, it will be at least three times as slow (and that's after you turn of . Paradoxically, Safari on an iPhone or iPad is very fast. And if you are curious, Outlaw Practice will not run on Internet Explorer for multiple reasons, the most important of which is that IT IS NOT SAFE. Second is that it has not been supported by Microsoft for years. Third is that it does not support modern web standards, which are necessary for making an application like Outlaw Practice possible.

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