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Billed and Collected Chart
Billed and Collected Chart

Easily view billed and collected information per user

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It is critical to know if you (and your employees) are meetings billable goals and working on paid work. You can quickly see a breakdown using the Billed and Collected page on the Analytics page.

Just choose a date range and the results will populate in the chart below.

As an example, in this chart we can see a year-to-date view of activity broken down per user. The right-hand side of the chart shows the total hours billed, along with the goal hours (in green next to the green vertical bar). We can further see a breakdown of the hours spent, including hours collected (through invoicing) in green, hours billed against money in trust in orange, and hours billed against clients with no trust funds in red. The goal is to keep this chart green and orange, so that you are always working on paid work!

In addition to this breakdown, we can see a firm-wide breakdown as well. Again, this will be for the time interval specified, with a breakdown of billed and collected by hours and by dollars:

This employee is spending far too much time on "red rubber band" clients, i.e. clients with no money in trust. This is a signal to you as the business owner to talk to your employees and have them make sure there is money in trust before they start work on a client. Unpaid work tends to go unpaid!

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