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Time by Activity Type Chart
Time by Activity Type Chart

Break down your time by activity for a more granular view of time spent

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If you notice that you or your employees are not meeting their billable goals, it is time to see what activities are taking up the most time.You can quickly see this using the Time by Activity Type chart on the Analytics page.

Start by selecting a date range, and the results will populate the charts below.

The first chart will show the firm as an aggregate. This includes all employees, billable or otherwise, and the top activities they are engaged in. Activities not taking much time are aggregated into an "Other" category, but we retain the overall categories as there might be a lot of little activities contributing to a larger whole.

In the chart below, we can see that Staff Meetings are taking up a lot of time, but other Administrative tasks are taking up even more time.

The following charts will show the breakdown per employee. Note that only an administrator can see all charts. A normal user will only see their own chart.

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