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Signing up for Outlaw Practice is quick and free. You will not need a credit card to sign up, and the trial period is a generous 60 days, so you will have plenty of time to get to know the features and benefits of the service before you pay a penny.

To sign up, navigate to This will bring you to the Sign Up screen. Please note that the first field is Firm Name, and the second field is First Name.

Enter your details into the screen. Some notes:

  • The Firm Name should be the legal entity name for your practice, e.g. Acme Law PLLC or MyLaw PC. Outlaw will let you specify the name to use in the user interface, as well as another name used on client invoices (if requires).

  • Your Billing Address is required to calculate sales tax

  • The Password must be complex. Click on the blue eye icon to see the password. Store this in a password manager like LastPass or 1Password. If you can remember it easily, it is quite like easily hacked.

  • The Billing Rate refers to your usual billing rate, if you bill by the hour. Even if your firm uses only fixed-price offerings, you will need an accurate number here in order to track the value of time spend on other activities. For example, when considering the total cost of a marketing campaign, we include the cost of your time, not just money paid to vendors. So please put an hourly rate that closely estimates what you would charge if a client asked you for an hour of your time.

When you are finished entering the fields, click on the green check button at the bottom right:

It takes a moment to register you with the system and configure your account. When finished, you will see the Outlaw Practice application's home page.

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