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Add users to your account
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Let's add two users to our account: a paralegal and a receptionist.

Note that if you are in your trial period, these additional users will also be part of your trial (no charges will be made until the end of the trial period).

To add a user, navigate to the Settings/Users page (

From here, you can click Add. This will bring up the User editor.

You can enter the user's full name and email, as well as billable info and the initial password (you are using a password manager, right?).

Target Billables can be specified in hours (billed and paid) per day, week, month or year. These will be used when showing analytics for your staff.

Roles specifies the jobs that the person does in your firm. A user should have only the roles that they specifically perform. Multiple roles can be assigned, such as receptionist/legal secretary. The owner will always have the Owner role, and it can not be removed. Be very careful when assigning the Owner or Administrator role to anybody other than yourself. That person has the ability to delete other people from the system! However, only an Owner can delete another Owner.

When finished, click the green checkmark button in the top right. This will bring you back to the Users interface.

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