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Importing Transactions from LawPay
Importing Transactions from LawPay
Import transactions completed on the LawPay website directly into Outlaw Practice
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Using Outlaw Practice's tight integration with LawPay, you can easily import a transaction completed on the LawPay website into a new or existing transaction in Outlaw Practice.

Step 1 Open the Import Screen

To import a transaction, open the Transactions view in either Leads or Cases. At the top right, you will see a button called Import. Click on this button to show the import screen.

Step 2 — Choose a Date Range

You can look as far back as you like, but limiting the time range speeds up the process. Click on the calendar edit icon to choose a date range. Once the date range is chosen, the list of available transactions will appear.

Step 3 — Choose a Transaction to Import

All transactions found for the date range chosen will be shown, although transactions unlikely to be related to the Lead or Case will be shown in gray instead of black.

You will see the information from the LawPay website, including the type of transaction, the payer name, amount, authorization code and status. This will help you locate the correct transaction.

Step 4 — Import the Transaction

Once you have found the correct transaction, click on it to bring up the import dialog.

There will always be an option to import this transaction into a new transaction in Outlaw Practice. However, if a similar record was found in your existing transactions, you will have the option to add the LawPay transaction information to the existing Outlaw Practice transaction.

If importing into a new transaction, you will be asked to verify the Payer (will be either the client or one of their benefactors). If this was a trust transaction, it will ask you which trust to put the transaction into (client or case trust).

Select the type of import you wish to do by clicking the appropriate button.

Step 5 — End the Import

Once the import is finished, you will be brought back to the Import Transaction screen. If you are finished, click the red End Import button on the top right. This will bring you back the Transactions list.

That's it, you have imported a LawPay transaction into Outlaw Practice!

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